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Standby Generators for your home

The sunshine state comes with its fair share of hurricanes and bad thunderstorms. Oftentimes, those cause the power to go out for hours on end. This results in loss of refrigeration, heating and cooling systems, life support systems, sump pumps and domestic hot water. Avoid all of this by getting  a Whole Home Generator in Jacksonville! 

Get your Whole home generator 16KW with a transfer switch installed starting at just $9,995.00. We are offering a 1 Year Maintenance for free as well as one year of remote monitoring of the generator so you can stay updated of any activity. As an exclusive promotion, we are including the laser engraving of the front cover with a personalized design of your choice. You can only get this here! Call us today to reserve yours today before we run out of stock! Earliest availability for installation is October 20th. Act now so you can get protection for your family before the next hurricane season!

Why should you get a generator?

  1. When the power goes out, you never know how long it will take to be restored. If it happens during a hurricane, chances are it will take even longer. Keep all essential equipment (medical, refrigerator, lights) running while the power is restored.
  2. Prevent food spoilage. Nobody likes throwing out what was perfectly good food due to the power being out. A generator will make sure that this doesn’t happen.
  3. Keep your home comfortable for the duration of the outage. Make sure that the A/C or heat keeps working until the technicians can fix the power. 
  4. Installing a generator can increase your home value by 3-5%.  A 2014 report by Remodeling Magazine indicated that installing a standby generator can provide up to a 150% return on your investment.


Maintenance Agreements

The key to ensuring your AC unit lasts for many years is to have preventative maintenance. We recommend our clients have preventative maintenance on their units at least twice a year. 

During this check up our technician will inspect the key components of your unit like the compressor, fan motor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, thermostat etc. to check for any existing or potential faults that can cause major failures or expensive repairs. They will also replace your air filter to guarantee you are always getting the best quality air.  


Contact us for information on our preventative maintenance contracts and how they can benefit you!

Healthy Home Package

One of the best solutions in the market to provide whole-home air sanitation that will reduce the number of airborne pathogens circulating through your air conditioning system. Our Healthy Home package combines state of the art technology with our proven air duct system to provide a one stop solution for whole-home sanitation.

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